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archives/museum help

Hi--Let me start out by saying I am not an archivist, librarian or historian. However, I have many years of office experience and am good at organizing files.

And so... I'm volunteering at a small historical society museum on a shoestring budget. The place is in chaos, mostly because they've had a lot of staff turnover during the years. The filing system is a nightmare. They've got files labeled "Correspondence" that go back to the 1970s, instead of having the letters filed in the subject files.

There are "Accession" files, "Loaned Objects" files, "Objects in collection" files (though not for every item).

Luckily, the museum owns Past Perfect and a lot of the original accession cards/handwritten records have been transferred into the program.

I have a few questions on reorganizing the physical files (aside from tossing a lot of the stuff). Also, on keeping an inventory for the gift shop. I believe they've got Excel and Access too.

Does anyone have a good model for a filing system? I went to the National Archives site and it's overwhelming.

Also, if your museum has a gift shop, how do you keep track of purchases etc.?

The task seems to be a many-headed Hydra...Sigh...

Thank you!

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