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Just simply known as Arty

Feedback Appreciated

Please do forgive me if this post is inappropriate for this community.

First, a bit of a background: I'm a recent graduate in the archives track who wants to enter the Archives field, but I'm currently having a difficult time doing so due to my small amount of experience. Seeking advice, I chatted with some people at a conference, and one of them suggested starting a blog, and posting my pictures via say, Flickr, to show that I have an understanding of technology and what is involved with digital photographs, files, and whatnot. Of course, I liked the idea, since I have a personal project: organizing and preparing my digital photographs for "long-term" storage (Can be seen here ).

Now, I've been antagonizing over the best possible name for the blog. After doing a bit of brainstorming and deleting the names I did not care for, I've managed to narrow down my list of choices. Now I'd like to hear feedback on which you think will be best? Personally, I'm leaning towards "Exploring Deaf Archivist," because well, 1) I am deaf, 2) I plan/want to be an archivist and 3) I'm still learning (a lot).

Here are the names I'm debating on:
Curious Deaf Archivist
Danger: Archivist Exploring
Exploring Deaf Archivist
The Newbie Archivist

To help me figure out and narrow down my choices, I contemplated about what I want my blog to be about and its focus. Here is what I came up with:

The blog will be a place to record my thoughts, discoveries and personal projects that will be related to the Archival field. For one, I plan to record my thoughts and discoveries as I work on my first personal project: organizing and preparing my digital photographs for long-term storage and for Internet usage. Additionally, I will be reading articles and blog entries, as well as other readings as I keep track of current events and study for my ACA examination, and the blog will be a place to record my thoughts and reactions. In a sense, I am continuing my exploration of the archival field after having graduated, for my learning experiences will never end, and what better place than a blog to record such thoughts?

Let me know what you think! Many thanks! :-)
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