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Senate motion against closure of National Archives

Greens Senator For Tasmania, Bob Brown, put a motion to the senate this afternoon calling on the Government to reexamine the closure of the National Archives offices in Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide and it was agreed. Which is basically a pretty small victory but at least its a start.

It also makes me think that we can win this not only because we have some support but also because the money involved is so paltry. In all seriousness closing the three offices plus some efficiency measures in Canberra will save a grand total of less then $5 million over three years. Basically in the scheme of things its bugger all and the Government should be able to find the money somewhere.

They could start by making the Defence Force keep better track of its stuff so they can cut back on the $71 million A DAY that it needs. I'll even help them count their Rocket Launchers properly to help out.

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