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Closure of the National Archives of Australia Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart offices

The Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart offices are being closed down over the next three years. As well as staff cuts this will also take away local access to residents in those states. A lot of records are available online on the NAA website and clients can contact the archives to have copies of records sent to them, however there are instances where people need to get hold of records that day be it for passport applications, proof of ID or social security benefits.

Below is a copy of a letter submitted to the ASA listserv by one of the staff at Wollongong University. He has granted people rights to use the text of the letter for themselves. If you are concerned about this downsizing then please send a print copy of the letter or similar to your local Federal member.

"> Dear
> It has come to my attention that your government is closing the Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart offices of the National Archives of Australia.
> I would ask that you request the Minister responsible, Senator Ludwig, to put an immediate freeze on these closures.
> It is vital that all Australians have access to the collections of the NAA.
> The closure of these offices will severely impact upon such access.
> The closure of the Darwin office, in particular, will impact upon Indigenous Australians seeking to use the Archives collections.
> These offices must remain open, irregardless of the issue of internet access.
> The process of accessing and using archival material is a complex one - I know, I am a professional archivist and researcher.
> Trained archival staff are needed on hand to assist with this. They are also required to source material and ensure that aspects of the historic record of our nation are preserved and made accessible.
> I look forward to your support in this matter.
> All the best."

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